Abu Bakr Rieger (Publisher)
Sulaiman Wilms (Editor)
Abdulkabir Herzog (Sales)

Islamic Times is the english project that was born from the German “Islamische Zeitung” which was founded out of idealism in 1995. A small team around founder & editor Andreas Abu Bakr Rieger pursued from the beginning the idea to draw a positive picture of Islam in Germany.

At the beginning the newspaper was available as a pure print edition, with beginning of the new millenium then also the on-line appearance took place in form of this Website. Since then, the IZ subscription has also been available online at reduced prices and is enjoying increasing popularity.

The treasure of this project are the many voluntary and sometimes long-time authors from the worldwide Muslim community. New authors, interested and committed people are still looking for and finding the IZ, and the Islamic Newspaper is growing from year to year.

In contrast to other publications in the German-speaking Muslim field, the Islamische Zeitung has been working independently since its foundation. The IZ receives no contributions from sponsors, investors or organizations, but finances itself through subscriptions & advertising. IZ Medien GmbH is not subject to any state funding or ideological interests.

In the core the team of the Islamic Times consists of the publisher, and two permanent coworkers. Beside the managing director Andreas Abu Bakr Rieger chief editor Sulaiman Wilms provides for the punctual appearance of the monthly print edition. The entire distribution and sales area is in the hands of Abdulkabir Herzog.

The self-image of our staff and authors is very clearly formulated in the contents of the now more than 300 issues. More than 13,000 contributions speak a very clear language here, namely a strict rejection of any kind of extremism.

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